seeing your Business through when a Cyber disaster strikes

BIZLock provides comprehensive coverage for an increasingly dangerous cyber landscape.

Every BIZLock program comes with Incident Response On-Demand (iROD).

seeing your Business through when a Cyber disaster strikes

BIZLock provides comprehensive coverage for an increasingly dangerous cyber landscape.

Every BIZLock program comes with Incident Response On-Demand (iROD).

Cyber Emergencies are Frequent and Diverse.
BIZLock Responds.

Key Coverage Options

Breach Response

Call our Incident Response On-Demand™ 24-7. Coverage is provided for forensic experts, legal support/law firm, PR, consumer notifications, and identity protection remedies. Getting your business back in operation is priority #1.


Cyber extortion (ransomware coverage) incidents trigger our coverage more frequently than any other exposure. It is our #1 source of claim activity. Coverage is provided for costs to investigate and terminate cyber extortion threats, including reimbursement of money and cryptocurrencies paid to recover from the incident.

Cyber & Privacy Liability

When you have a cyber or privacy related incident, a lawsuit can be catastrophic. Cyberspace exposures and the legal landscape continue to evolve rapidly. Covering litigation expenses and plaintiff claims is the primary goal of cyber liability coverage.

Stolen Funds

Scams are pervasive and often hard to detect. As criminals follow the money trail, their tools include hacking, social engineering and fraudulent instructions. When you fall victim, coverage reimbursement helps to save the day.

Data Reconstruction

Costs to restore, replace or re-create digital assets when lost or corrupted as the result of a breach or virus.

Computers & Hardware

Replacement of computer systems that has been compromised and/or rendered useless.

Regulatory Fines & Penalties

Coverage is provided for defending against regulatory actions and resulting fines and penalties arising from a covered privacy event.

Employee Protection

Your employees are covered with automatic identity protection, including unlimited access to our team of experts, risk management education and personal identity insurance.

Business Identity Fraud Insurance & Monitoring

Provides expense reimbursement to protect against the abuse and fraudulent use of sensitive business identity information or BII (available with BIZLock Pro)

Experts Are Standing By

Incident Response On-Demand

Every BIZLock program includes access to our Incident Response On-Demand team (iROD).

Cyber incident response services are essential following unauthorized access to or loss of sensitive customer or employee information.

Required by law in nearly every state and with an enhanced public focus on the privacy and security of information, every organization needs to protect its customers, protect its brand, and secure its position by complying with legislation. 


Experience when it matters most

Forensic IT Investigators

Access to professionals who specialize in examining security breaches is critical during an incident. They can help determine the cause of the incident as well as the severity. 

Forensic IT investigators are equipped to provide essential guidance that can help streamline the response and seek to mitigate further damage to your systems.  


Guiding Your Business Through a Crisis

Breach Response, Crisis Management and PR

As required by each specific state law, notification to potentially affected individuals arising from a breach is mandatory. Coverage is provided for legal analysis, crafting content /  notifications, mailing, call center hotlines, identity protection, victim assistance and more.

Panel (legal) counsel remains on hand to support the BIZLock team as a first responder to help securely navigate incident response and recovery from a cyber event. Additional experts and resources are similarly engaged on-demand as the incident requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact BIZLock Insurance Services / Identity Fraud, Inc. at 1-844-432-LOCK (844-432-5625) immediately. As a full service provider of breach response services, we will review your case and activate your program and benefit options. While we have the expertise and capacity to handle the largest known breach cases (100 million records or more), our ability to respond personally and professionally to small breach case needs is unrivaled.

Every business has data that can be damaged, lost or stolen. Computer systems and networks can also be attacked and damaged/destroyed. Data and cyber risks arise from the use of computer systems and the collection, use and storage of data, both electronically and on paper. Accidents and malicious attacks involving systems and data can be devastating to a business. And, with proprietary and/or personal data being such a valuable asset, criminal attacks have become commonplace in businesses of all sizes, large and small.

Cyber Liability insurance provides financial protection for data and electronic cyber risks. Computer systems can be damaged and destroyed, and data can be lost, stolen and compromised. However, unlike other physical exposures, data is not tangible. This intangible exposure, which is not covered by traditional insurance coverage, gave rise to the first “cyber” or data risk insurance policies that date back to the mid 1990’s.

No, not unless specifically endorsed. Traditional general liability policies (ISO policy forms) are now specifically excluding cyber risks.

Many individuals and businesses have a mindset that “it won’t happen to me”. However, industry statistics indicate small businesses are being attacked at alarming rates, in part, due to the relative ease of theft and abuse. A report by Symantec found that small businesses accounted for more than 50% of targeted cyber-attacks last year.

Small and medium size businesses are being preyed upon by criminals as ‘low hanging fruit’. Having protection for cyber risk is now a fundamental need and smart choice, that is, if it is not already being mandated by business vendor contracts.

With data being so easily lost and stolen (from inside and out), coverage is needed to help a business stay in business. It is not a question of “if” a business will have a data loss but “when”.

Our program is designed for businesses with less than $250 million in revenue. Specific industry requirements and/or exclusions do exist, however, we are dedicated to find a suitable solution for your business. 

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